picnic in the park


since this blog has turned into "all of the reasons" i love summer. here is another one. community events. (and the majority of them are free!) i love it! there is all types of festivals, concerts, and even movies in the park during the summer. what a great way to get outside with some friends and family to enjoy it. 

the other day some friends and i went to a classical music concert in the park, we turned it into a little picnic and had some adult beverages and lemon pellegrino, it was great ;)
 **my friend angie and i, our picnic consisted of mostly snack-y types of foods. carrots, celery, a berry mix, cheese and crackers, and my favorite apples with cinnamon sugar over them! oh not to mention gushers ;)**
 **always love getting more pictures with him... though he may think we have a few hundred too many**
 we ended the night with nothing better then ice cream, my kind of night. summer your a dream.


  1. Oh I love this!!! How fun! Love yalls little picnic!

  2. nothing says summer like a picnic in the park : ) i used to love going and listening to music in chicago with a picnic. they even had she and him playing one summer!

  3. I love outdoor concerts! This looks like a really fun night! Minneapolis has so much to do in the summer! I was just up there last weekend and saw an uptown art festival! It looked like fun I was so bummed I couldn't stop! That picnic basket is awesome! Keep emjoying these beautiful days:)

  4. I love outdoor events!! Beautiful pictures. :)

  5. Love the gushers added to your picnic! Looks like a beautiful night to be out in the park!

  6. Hahaha, I love your first sentence-- my blog has turned into the same! But what's not to love about summer?? It's tough to talk about anything else lately :) Outdoor concerts and events are the best!

  7. concerts in the park are the greatest! the boyfriend and i went to a free one this weekend in portland too.

  8. PBR and gushers are basically the ideal component to a perfect picnic. SO jealous. gorgeous pics!

  9. Looks like so much fun! I love summer for the same exact reason! So many free events and concerts and festivals! :)


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