happy birthday america


happy birthday USA! thank you for allowing us to live in a free nation. i know the struggles other nations have with freedom and i am so thankful that our founding fathers realized the need to bring freedom to the people. i thank our soliders and everyone who has fought for our freedoms.

in addition to it being the greatest holiday. it is the best holiday to get away and celebrate!  chad and i will be heading out north to his family's cabin where we will be lakeside and soaking up the sun! there will also be some fishing, swimming, and maybe a little water skiing. (guys i am telling you minnesota has the best summers around!)

 have a great and safe 4th of july and once again, happy birthday america!


  1. have so much fun! also I want to be on that water. it looks like perfection

  2. Beautiful photos. Have a happy 4th on the lake! :)

  3. Have a great time Heather!! Happy 4th!!

    Shio :)

  4. Enjoy your time there! The lake sounds amazing and it's so pretty!

  5. Have fun on your getaway! Its supposed to rain all day here in Alabama so I will pretend I am in Minnesota.

  6. Happy Independence day!! I totally agree Minnesota summers are amazing!

  7. I am so jealousy you were lakeside for the fourth! Hope you had a blast


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