food of the week: tea


so the food of the week, or rather the beverage of the week is tea!i am  a tea lover year round but in the summer i find myself drinking even more of it. hot or cold, i will always take some tea!  not to mention there are numerous benefits from drinking this luscious treat.

for instance tea..

.. helps boost exercise endurance
.. reduces risk for a heart attack
... has antioxidants meaning it helps prevent several cancers (oral, breast, skin, lung, and the list goes on)
... hydrates the body

in the summer i make a lot of sun tea and i frequently  order it out and about.

how to make sun tea at home:

two ways

the first: a large serving you can first take a larger pitcher, fill it up with water, place 6 tea bags of choice in the pitcher, and set outside in the sun for a few hours. my thought is the longer the better (and more flavor!)

or the second: individual serving take a few mason jars, fill with water. then add two tea bags to one mason jar. then place a few slices of lemon and sprigs of mint. set outside for a few hours to allow to steep!

if you are looking for a quick on the go tea solution i love starbucks tea options! my favorite tea beverage is a half passion tea (herbal) half green tea mix. its delicious!

do you like tea?


  1. I LOVE tea! i used to make sun tea every summer :) maybe i should do this again. it's so much fun.

    also--was reading your last post--you do NOT look like a mom! not that looking like a mom is a bad thing, but i know what you mean haha ;) i personally loved your outfit!

  2. so is sun tea allowed in portland too? or is just a midwest / south thing?

  3. that looks so refreshing. i too love tea. my summer has been crazy so i haven't had the time to enjoy it. definitely going to have to find time for this :)

  4. I've never heard of steeping tea in the sun. I'll have to try it, as I'm an avid tea drinker! Also, I've never tried Passion Green tea at Starbucks. I'll have to try that too!

  5. Mmm. My grandpa used to do this for us all the time as kiddos. Brings back great memories :)


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