honee bee or bumble bee


hi friends. some people have been emailing asking me the "real name" of the blog. because things have been so crazy around here the full look of the blog has not been completed. we went from the old name, bumble bee, to the new name honee bee. we were planning on doing the update/look reveal at the end of may, but then summer hit and now on the weekends all i want chad to do is hang out with me. and not the computer. so thats the reasoning the the full launch has not occurred. we are working on it.. and when it is done it is going to be better then ever. but until that point, hang tight! honee bee will soon be fully launched!


  1. I feel you on this! I just changed my blog name, and it takes awhile to get all that sorted out :) Cute name change!

  2. Both names are so cute! :) can't wait for the launch!

  3. can't wait to see your launch (:

    that's what summer days are for, hanging out and enjoying eachother! (:

  4. It's amazing how time just moves, lol. Excited as ever for the change, but it'll happen when it's supposed to. Enjoy your time!


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