french loving + a mom outfit


the end of the month can be good or bad if you are a budgeter. it can mean "oh shoot, we went over our budget, we gotta stay in" or it can mean "sweet we have a little more in our budget then we thought we so we can go out for dinner" last month we lucked out and had the latter. so we headed over to saint paul and ate at one of my favorite restaurants salut. its a french restaurant that is filled with character. and with me loving all things french it is even more amazing.

however while we were there i began to notice how mommy my outfit looks...khakis, button up, sandals... i cropped  part of the photo because it was so unbearable. in the photo you can't see that the khakis have polka dots on them.. and my button shirt was some how more flatter.. but i was haunted knowing that my mother, who i love dearly, would wear this same exact outfit.

in other regards we had a great weekend spent with friends outdoors on the lake. a post coming on that later!

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  1. haha sometimes i am so surprised at how similar i am to my mother!! the things i say, some of the clothes i wear .. i guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree i guess :)

  2. Like Britta Marie said in the above comment, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I realize this more & more every day, ha! Looks like a nice date night though :) The food looks delicious!!

  3. Sometimes it scares me when I dress like my mom, but then I realize I'm pretty okay with it. We are more like our parents than we think sometimes!

  4. i would totally rock you mom outfit, too, so you're golden.

  5. Your mom outfit is cute! But I wonder that sometimes too about me and my mom, we have pretty similar taste and I don't know if that means my taste is old or hers is young??

  6. I think you look lovely! What a cute couple.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  7. More and more I have been drawn to more mature clothes and it is starting to scare me... yikes!

    This Lovely Little Day

  8. Oh Heather, you are so SILLY!! haha!! You totally did not look as bad as you think, and plus what "mom outfit" would include cute polka dot pants and your awesome sandals?!! You looked great, in my opinion!! :) Pretty as always! I wish we would use our leftover money on going out to eat, my hubby would be excited about saving that much and put it to our savings! lol!



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