life this past week via iphone photos... (and little stories behind them!)

1// chicken salad sandwiches are always tasty on a sprummery day. 

2// especially if followed by a chocolate chunk cookie with sea salt. yum!

 3// iced lattes on the deck, back when we had nice weather a few days ago. and we got to wear shorts! 

 4// husband and i loving the warm, spring weather, that has now disappeared. we had a little snow last night. yes in may, it snowed. this abnormal spring is driving me crazy! all i want is sunshine and to see the flowers blooming, and at this rate i will never be able to start my little garden. spring please come soon! 

5// banana & nutella crepe ( my two favorite things in one combination. what is not to love!?) went out with my favorite two friends from college, casey and megan, to celebrate them graduating. 

 6// casey and i venturing around the area of st paul where she will be married this august. 

what have you been up to lately? link up with your iphone/ instagram photos! 


  1. the sandwich, the cookie, and the crepe all look delish! now I'm seriously craving a crepe. yummm!

  2. i need to come visit you just so you can show me all your restaurants! every time i get on here i feel like you have the most amazing food on the menu!

  3. That sandwich has me drooling! And I have that Anthro Shirt in the green stripe. It has become one of my favorites!

  4. Yum, I love crepes! And I think I need a mason jar for my morning coffee. Everything tastes better in a jar. ;)

  5. Both the sandwich and the latte look wonderful. :) You're right...a great spring day addition! Sorry about the weather. My relatives that live there and also in WI are freaking out right now with snow in MAY. So sorry. I hope you have a long summer and fall!

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  6. obviously your latte tasted better, because it was drank from a mason jar.

  7. Such cute photos I know what the heck is up with this weather!!!!! It's getting a little depressing! I love iced coffees too they are so refreshing!

  8. I need those crepes & that lattes. mmmm. sorry about the weather there :(



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