tulips make the snow go away


lately (via instagram) ....

....there has been SNOW on the ground. minneapolis is currently experiencing a WINTER snow warning where we are anticipating 8 to 12 inches of snow. just the right way to ring in spring right?! but, we gotta keep optimstic, so thankfully chad brought me some tulips. nothing says spring ling tulips do! now if only the tulips had the power to melt all of the snow.... ;)

...chad and i did the pedal pub last weekend to celebrate one of our friends birthdays.

....  i have been craving yoga. i go through periods that i love yoga and then kinda forget about it. right now is a love season

... i am obsessed with coconut. i blame you katie young ;) but! i tried this awesome coconut cupcake at one of my favorite places, yum!, and it was amazing. i have been dreaming about it ever since!
... i got my wedding photos back from our amazing photographer and am loving how they turned out!

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ps today i am guest blogging over at emily's blog today talking about my heart for europe! 


  1. We've had they worst weather here in Wales too, nothing like Spring :( I also bought some Tulips too, so pretty aren't they? Let's just hope they bring some sunshine for us!



  2. Snow! Ugh - that sounds miserable. And here I was complaining about rain in Ohio. Your wedding photos look gorgeous!

  3. Ok, I feel guilty complaining yesterday about the heat and humidity here in Houston now! Sorry!! :/

    That coconut cupcake looks heavenly, coconut is my weakness...forget chocolate give me coconut! YUM (is right)!

    Your pictures look so beautiful!

  4. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers...I wish they could make the snow go away for you. Weather is crazy everywhere. We are going from bright and sunny to monsoons here.

    Yay for wedding pictures!

  5. Tulips!! Love them and love instagram!

  6. Keep the snow! Lol The Tulips look so pretty.
    I haven't tried Yoga but I want to.

  7. I love tulips and would be so sad if they were destroyed by all that snow!

  8. We are also expecting 10inches of snow tonight where I live :(
    Trying to stay optimistic ;) The tulips are beautiful and your wedding photographs look amazing!


  9. i wish i loved yoga. i'm more of a cardio girl. the tulips are lovely but that coconut cupcake is stealing the show ;) i want to see all your wedding pictures. you made such a stunning bride!!


  10. Found you via Postcards from Rachel... lovely photos, lovely blog :)

    Thanks for hosting,

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer
    Jenn's Random Scraps

  11. I LOOOOVE coconut!! I am glad we don't have a place like that here, because my un-control-able habit would probably lead to weight gain ;) And YAY for wedding pics!! You look so pretty, I'm sure you were gorgeous that day!! Happy weekend Heather!


  12. Your wedding photos look gorgeous. The lace bow is such a cute touch!

    New follow here. Have a great weekend!

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  14. i love having fresh flowers in the house to make it feel more like spring! hopefully the weather will follow suit! ps, your wedding pics are absolutely stunning!

  15. Great pictures! My brother (who is in Chicago) said he just experienced about 5 minutes of snow flurries. I am in Southern California, and not to brag, but today has been pretty gorgeous. I'm off to the nursery now to get some plants for the yard.
    Hope it warms up there soon, and until then, enjoy those beautiful tulips!

  16. I haven't had snow since last year! I've been waiting for it all winter but just little bits of snow. =(

  17. Tulips are my favorite flower!! Hoping the snow will clear out and warm up for you!! Loving your blog, pretty lady!

  18. i feel the same way, sometimes i'm really into yoga and sometimes it just falls to the wayside. i'm trying to be better about working out....4 months into the new year....resolutions are funny. happy tuesday!



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