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if you are like me, you never know what to do with your hair. i always try mixing it up with different hair styles, or different parts, but i am not very "hair inclined" making this a little difficult for me. however i have found that by using some hair accessories my hair looks like it has a new look, when i have hardly changed anything at all! 

with that... here are a few of my favorite hair accessories. 

**the head wrap**

this is my ultimate favorite hair accessory. it makes all bad hair days better. i use old bandanas, scarves, or in this case the cutest hair wrap from my from shio. check out her etsy shop if you are wanting one of these cute head wraps!

**the flower pin**

a flower clip makes a simple hair do a little cuter and are a way to add a little color. they are relative inexpensive. this one is from target in the kids section (they always have the best clips!). i always put these on the side of my head. 

**the gold side clip**

and finally, probably the hair accessory i use the most, the gold clip. i love these little clips. they are so practical, helping the hair stay out of your face for a little and add a little glam to your outfit. this particular clip is from goody, and comes in a variety pack. 

what types of hair accessories do you use? i would love to exchange ideas! 



  1. I think head wraps are the best, but I always have a problem with them sliding off my head. My favorite hair "accessory" isn't really an accessory, but a braid. 80% of the time (especially at work) I'll have some type of braid in my hair!

  2. The wrap is so cute! I don't think my head can pull that off :)

  3. love it, love it, love it.
    i love the last one with the little clip!


  4. My favourite hair accessory is the donut! It's my go-to helper when I want to throw my hair up in a bun because I don't know what else to do with it.

  5. I love the head wrap! It got to the point in college where if I wore a head wrap all of my friends would tease me about not washing my hair.

  6. Love that hair wrap! Too cute and perfect for summer!

    xoxo Jamie

  7. I am totally with you with the hair wraps! On my dirty hair days it makes it look like I actually have a style! Forever 21 has some seriously cute ones!


  8. so cute!! i am not much of a hair person either, and i usually don't venture out to using clips and head bands... maybe i should re-consider ;)

  9. I love this post! Such a great idea! I especially love that my headwrap is included in your faves!! :) Thanks for the shout-out Heather!! I love all your looks!


  10. These are all so cute! I love that simple gold clip.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  11. love the fun accessories! i sometimes tie a scarf as a headband too when i haven't washed my hair - oops! it's a good way to disguise that and look cute!

  12. I love, love, love the flower pin. You can use them in so many different colors depending on the event, so fun! The blue is very pretty :)

  13. Loving the head wrap! So cute especially in the polka dot! I have been using a lot of bobby pins with big jewels on them!

  14. i'm in love with that gold clip! i love the little touches that make even a simple hairstyle stand out!

  15. Sorry! I'm not sure why my husband's account showed up in the comment above! He must have been logged in without me realizing!

  16. the head wrap is so gorgeous

  17. ekkk i should wear my headwrap so we can be twins :) i totally love the gold clip. very flattering on you!



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