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this: wedding is almost over. i know i always do a post about the wedding but it truly consumes you for a little bit. chad and i didn't even have that long of an engagement but it was the perfect amount of time for the two of us. everyone has different needs when it comes to planning a wedding. 

this is my last week of being an anderson. bittersweet. not like my last name is super cool or anything but it is apart of me. but soon the two become one and chad and i will be the kirseboms... eee :)

with that
i have my bacholerette party tomorrow! should be a good time with all of my best girls! 

and that
means that because school starts monday, i get married saturday, and then go on a honeymoon the week after i better get ahead on my assignments. hopefully i don't get too overwhelemed and am able to manage getting married during grad school. sometimes i think i am more capable then i really am. so we will see if i make it out alive ;) thank goodness for supportive family because i have been a little on the irritable side lately but my family and chad (especially chad) have been so good to me. i could never do this wedding with out their support!

that also means i have been drinking lots and lots of coffee. even more then normal. i have not been sleeping well, due to being anxious i am sure. but i wake up and feel like i haven't even slept. it isn't good. but thank goodness all of the delicious coffee shops in minneapolis. they keep me sane.

this past month i found out some bad news that there was some employment changes for the family that i nanny for, the end is in sight and it is hard thinking that i am not going to be with my little ladies anymore

that means i am job searching. in the midst of all of my chaos. but it is going well. pray for me that i am able to find a family that is a good fit. i am trying not to rush into things and am hoping something really works out in my favor.

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  1. I thought it was bittersweet the last week with my last name..especially since it won't continue with our family :(

  2. wow you have A LOT going on!!! Congratulations on all the upcoming SUPER EXCITING events this year for you!

    You will soon be a Mrs. :)

  3. Ahhh I am so very excited for you, girl!!! And you got this. You are VERY capable of all of these amazing things in your life right now. Plus, you've got coffee on your side. ;) Smart girl. I'll be praying that you find the right family for you!

    Thanks for linking up!


  4. Eek so much change for you! I'm sure you will handle it like a champ though. Good luck with everything! It will all be over soon! But just make sure you enjoy every second of your big day!! And don't stress about the little stuff. Can't wait to see pictures!

  5. Good luck on the job hunt! I know you'll find something great soon! Where are you guys going on your honeymoon?!

  6. lovely engagement ring :) hang in there, the anxiety will pass! i hope everything goes smoothly with your wedding and such. what an exciting time!



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