resolution time


so some people totally are not into making resolutions. i have to say i was one of those people... until recently when i decided to stop calling them resolutions and making them goals. i make goals in every aspect of my life, i have educational goals, relationship goals, and health goals. and i think these goals help place emphasis on the things that have value in my life. i don't know how they became to dominate my life, but they kinda do in a good way. they motivate me, and i accomplish so much more then i would have thought. sounds silly but this goal setting stuff really works

with that i am continuing to create some more resolutions goal in my life as the new year approaches. 

mini goals:

cook more:
with moving home before the wedding, i hardly cook now. i miss it terribly. i am hoping to make lots of healthy meals this year to help the soon to be mr. get some veggies into his diet. i am also going to really try and stay away from all processed foods. specifically anything that has the word cream in it (aside from ice cream... and i really want to start making my own!)

do "family" walks

be a good wife as i enter in my first year of marriage

only buy quality clothing items... stop buying things that are $3 that you wear once!
give more:
find a local charity to support and give back to my community

this is the year that i conquer one of my baking fears.... making cakes! i hope to make home made cakes for all of my family this year.

bigger goals: (SMART ones)

run a marathon:
after running two half marathons last year.. i think this is the year to do more! i am planning on running my first marathon in october. i hope to start training in march... build up to a half marathon in the spring and continue training for the marathon. i am so excited. i love running.

continue exercising 3/4 x a week:
exercising 3/4 x a week really worked for me this year and i hope that if i keep with it i will keep looking and feeling way better

read the bible daily

resolutions... what do you think about them? do you have any?


  1. I love the idea of goals instead of resolutions - I tend to follow this way too. I have a few larger goals I'd like to accomplish this year and then I'm setting monthly improvement goals. This month I'm cutting back sugar intake. I love your goal about quality clothing items. I should do this too - buy less, but buy better. I want to get rid of excess in many areas of my life, including my closet!


  2. Running a marathon is a great goal! Mine is to run both a 5k and a 10k. I'm not much into exercising (haha) so that is also on my list!!

    (formerly Simply Lowcountry)

  3. Running a marathon! Can you get into Grandma's? You should try. I hear it's amazinggggggg.

  4. I made my goals! They are on my blog! Can't wait to see you soon!

    Love you!

  5. Just found ( and subscribed to!) your blog! Love your photos! I've been looking for some good simple living and homemaking books and have to check out Home Made


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