sweet city life


why is city life so so sweet. since moving home to the suburbs (now about twenty minutes from the city- but it feels like forever) i really miss living in the city. the awesome coffee shops, the fun non-chain restaurants, all of the delicious bakeries. you just don't find those in the suburbs.
thankfully i am only twenty minutes away and with the little kiddos i nanny i get to go on city adventures daily. such as this adventure to the cupcake stop. it's our favorite little place- the little was especially happy to get her frosty the snowman cup cake, she couldn't stop singing the song :)

but from all of this chad and i have decided we will never live in a suburb. 
we love the uniqueness the city has. we like being able to walk/bike everywhere. we like going to new restaurants that we have never heard of. 
hopefully we will get down there soon, just gotta pay off our student loan debt and we can be on our way, unless we make a pit stop in europe ;)

photos/cupcakes are from sweets bakery located in saint paul.


  1. Oh, that cupcake shop is adorable & the sweets from it looks so SCRUMPTIOUS!! I think if I didn't have kids I would love to live in the city! I have been itching to paint my nails red, love red nails! Have a great week!


    1. yeah i am not sure how we will do it when we have kids. the family i nanny for lives in the city and make it look pretty easy but who knows what life will look like during that time!

      the sweets were amazing! thanks for stopping by. PS your kids are so cute!!

  2. thank you! city life i so fun, you can find so many unique places!


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