Hello my friends on the internet, remember me? Well, I am back after a very long hiatus, back to the blogosphere! After a good ol break and a few major life events, I realized I missed documenting on this space.

It feels slightly weird, i.e. I couldn’t remember my password to log in, ha! But it feels so good.

Few things have changed...

  •       We moved from Minneapolis to Colorado!
  •       We both started new jobs… (and have already been at them for a year, wow, time flies.)
  •       We travel, even more.
And a few things haven’t....

  •        Still married to my lovely husband
  •        Still am a slightly nerdy, book-loving, food obsessed lady
  •        We still love to play outside
  •        Chad has still not cut his hair (SEE HERE)

You may ask…. Why are you back? Well, I gave it a little thought and a few things brewed up in me. To be honest, I restarted the blog selfishly, to document and record. 

I missed sharing recipes and having a place where they “lived”. Over the years this space has had a mismatch of different things it held, food (obvi), fashion, marriage, all of that great stuff but now that I am back it is going to be more of a hosting my recipes and inspirations. You’ll find the majority of my content and day to day life on my social media platforms (like here and here!) but on here you’ll find the nitty, gritty, dirt, pinnable, stuff.

There will be some MAJOR reworking of the site, updating my profile, improving the user interface, trying to figure out how my fonts got out of whack, as well as sharing some new projects and developments we have in the works. Don't mind the imperfections, new and exciting things are coming soon.

I look forward to sharing bits and pieces of my life again. If you are new here, welcome! If you’ve been around for a while, thanks for sticking with me.

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