Life in the Range // Part 2


it's been a while since i have posted anything about our road trip last october (posted HERE). it is hard when a trip is so great, to put it into words beyond amazing, incredible, beautiful, so fun. however, it has been months since our little adventure and i still haven't posted. so instead of trying to explain every last bit of what we did, because i failed so many times, i wrote up short, bulleted highlights from our trip.

a little recap of our trip: over 12 days, we ventured from minnesota to colorado, utah, arizona, back through colorado, and down to kansas city. we camped out in the back of a ford ranger pick up truck which we transformed into a portable campsite. we visited 7 different national parks, hiked over 45 miles, ate a lot of meals on the go, or on the back of the tailgate, and drove a total of 5,000 miles. yes, in 12 days.

highlights from our trip:
rocky mountain national park
seeing an elk crossing
the drive to utah
moab, utah & arches national park
seeing the jeep rally in moab
making coffee on the tailgate
ZION NATIONAL PARK (our favorite part)
hiking angels landing
hiking everything in zion
seeing the wild life
star gazing late at night
eating mexican at every state we went to
followed by  checking out the local breweries
meeting random friends
sleeding in the sand dunes
jamming out to tunes while driving

highlights from our trip continued:
trying all the local honey from the different states
hiking down the grand canyon
going to four corners to find out that it was closed
waking up the next morning to drive an hour back to four corners, to find out you have to pay to get it
sleeping in a wal mart parking lot, and finding out we were not the only ones
visiting my sister and fiance in denver
eating at voodoo doughnuts at 1am
showering again, after too many days
eating buckets of gas station food (okay, not so much a high light), trail mix, and peanut butter sandwiches
being in kansas city during the royals play off game
playing way too may road trip games
singing songs i made up to chad

what we learned most about our trip was that 1. we actually handle stressful situations and being together for long durations of time very well 2. that there is so much travel out there,  not only in the world but also in our very own usa!

travel bug bit us hard. the second we arrived home, we started talking about our next trip, where should we go next? what upgrades can we do to the range? do you think we could do a four week trip?

if you can't tell, our ventures of life in the range are just getting started... to hopefully be continued soon!

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