a fast on sweets


so for some odd reason i decided to give up sweets for 21 days. it may have sprouted from my resolutions for 2014. but either way. it hasn't been fun. do i feel better? yes. do i miss chocolate on a regular basis? yes. do i plan what i am going to be baking up as soon as my fast is done? yes. all of a sudden, flavored yogurt (which i usually don't eat, due to artificial sweeteners/i usually make my own) taste like a chocolate bar!!

another good/bad thing i have been doing is every time i crave something sweet, i read about how bad sugar is for you... ha!it the natural researcher inside me. one article i read stated that sugar is as addictive as cocaine (so that is why i am having with drawls....)

finally though i feel that i have control over my body. it is weird how sugar affects you so much.i hope that i can continue to balance this whole sweets thing even after my little fast. even if the only yummy food that sounds good is desert ;) any healthier desert options for this lady??!!

outfit details:

jacket// thrifted
pants// american eagle
scarf// aerie
boots// frye
bag// madewell

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