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hello! it's been a little while since i have been on this space. over the past few weeks i have completed my graduate school coursework (now just the field experience, hooray!), we have moved, and have actually been with out internet today. i was surprised at how well i handled not having any internet access for the past few weeks. i suppose it didn't really bother me because i always knew that there was a coffee shop close by and was able to check instagram on my phone but i hardly noticed it was gone. now, that husband of mine... he has been counting down the hours until we were connected once again. and now that we are connected, it does feel good.

but now... to catch up on all of those emails and bills, all of those fun things you do online. isn't moving fun?!

we are having so much fun settling into our new home. it's an older home with beautiful wooden floors (that squeak! my favorite!) filled with character. initially i was feeling so overwhelmed with the moving process. where do i put my forks? where is my favorite sweater? but long at last, we are getting settled. we even moved my garden and planter box (thank you chad and friends). i have to say, we are the most, urban gardeners on the block. our home is blocks away from a few lakes, and beautiful bike rides are seconds away. to say the least, i love our new home, and i am so excited to get fully settled.

so once again, i am back. as long as our connection keeps working ;)

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