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We are no where near settled in our new place, but since people have been asking I thought I would share a few photos of our space. I have posted a few on instagram but here are a few more. It has officially been one month that we have been moved in and it is feeling better every day. Things slowly have their homes and we are no longer living out of boxes. It feels good! This month of settling has been somewhat difficult because it is the month of july. I dont know how your julys go.. but this past month has been off the charts crazy busy, (in a good way). But this has lead to us spending a very little amount of time in our new space! Between traveling, spending time with friends and family, and that whole settling in thing, I feel like my head is spinning. I keep thinking oh once I finish grad school life will get less crazy, or I cant wait until this happens because I will be less busy. But that simply is not the case. Every season increasingly becomes busier. I guess I just have to keep improving my time management skills ;) enough with me continuously stating that I feel so busy.

Hope you enjoyed this little preview of our space, more photos and settling in stories to come!

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