the reason why husbands were invented and a tale of an oxford shirt


lately i have been really into "borrowing" chads clothes. it works out great ;) i see a cute comfy top that i want to borrow, and boom, it is ready for insta-wearing. now the only problem is chad is not quite a fan of all of this. he will be looking for a particular shirt, and he'll ask me where it is. i casually say, oh, i don't know... as i then scramble to say, oh hey look it was in the wash! hehe. but that is just what happens when your husband has some nice class. in the particular look above, this shirt was chads from about ten years ago. it no longer fits him, and when i told him i wanted some nice classic button ups he said, well guess what, i have one and you can even keep it! it was double the luck that day! this one he had no longer fit him, which works out great for me. i no longer have the thought of hey i am stealing my husband's shirt and he may  be slightly annoyed. not that it stops me or anything ;) but honestly, isn't that why husbands were invented? so we could take and borrow all of their nice clothing ;) chad just says he wishes he could reap the same benefit, ha! poor men! ;)

out fit details: pants// american eagle shirt// chad's old one from middle school shoes// shoe mint purse// coach sun glassess// old navy sweater// banana republic earrings// thrifted

chads details: shirt // j crew sun glasses// ray ban hat// some american made company (dont know the name) jacket// thrifted

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