the art of photography


   Have you ever been to Los Angeles? LA is definitely the city of the people who dream big! Every single day a Los Angeles fashion photographer captures Brazilian bikini models. Together they create outstanding covers for different fashionable magazines. The world keeps moving forward, models are becoming sexier and photographers become even better. We have a crazy number of photographs for different projects, magazines, web sites and so on.

   There are many debates on how fashion photography ruins the reality. It is said that a real woman doesn’t look like the one covering FHM or ELLE magazine. There are the eating disorders and other huge problems involved in this fashion photography thing. But if looking at it all with no hate and no judgments you can see a really beautiful art that is growing every single day and becomes the base of many beautiful, artistic and fancy projects.

   Photography is an art and even if it has commercial purposes, it stays the same. It is a beautiful way to capture people’s looks and put them out there in the world. Exposing something to the world means exposing it to a bunch of judgmental thoughts and comments. That’s why Photoshop and other programs that have the power to change the reality a little bit, are used. Once a photographer or an editor knows that a certain photograph is going to be shared with a big number of people, he tends to make it better. There is no need in screaming out loud that this picture is fake, is “Photoshoped” and it has no authenticity. It has it all, if you look at it from a different angle, than the one that makes you hate it. Take away the negativity, because if that person in that photograph would have visible wrinkles or skin problems, you would criticize that instead of the perfect effect.

   When looking at photographs it is just so easy to find something you don’t like. But there is always a drop of truth in every single picture. It’s not a painting that’s totally made up by an artist. A photograph is the representation of reality, in the realest possible way.

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