scenes from the weekend


hello! hope you are having a great monday. i am starting the day pretty well. i have been pretty sick this past week, i haven't stopped sneezing. but it is a new week and i still had a lovely weekend, sickness and all. below are some photos that happened over the weekend. some are a few weekends old, but we basically do the same thing every weekend so i still thought it would be okay to share them ;)

** we always love our saturday mornings of laid backness, drinking coffee and eating yummy breakfasts, this weekend i made a big brunch saturday with fried eggs, hashbrowns, breakfast sweet potatoes, and sausage! then sunday i made this yummy healthy banana pancake. i have made banana pancakes in the past and have had little success but this time, man oh man they were SO good, i posted the recipe on instagram if you would like to see!**

**pretty yellow car**

... and you know you are getting old when your highlight of your weekend was doing spring cleaning in the garage, and listening to the french chef via ipad. yes, these were my highlights, yes i realize i sound about 80.

hope you had a great weekend! did you do anything fun? i would love to hear :)

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