we were made to live by an ocean, our vacation in florida


 though we have been back for almost a week now it has been hard getting back into the rhythm again. i don't know if it is the climate change or the massive workload i left at home, but this week has been rough. i can't believe that it is only tuesday evening as i am writing this (i schedule my posts), when i feel that it should be thursday. it is going to be a long long week. anyway - chad and i had such a lovely time going down to florida. 

we went down to visit his grandparents and do a little exploring in this part of the country. though we didn't have the warmest weather, we did get in our swimsuits multiple times and we missed the awful, frigid temperatures that minnesota experienced. with chad and i being explorers by nature, we set out on lots of little adventures. we walked the beach everyday, drank a few cocktails, and just learning to be present in the moment doing nothing. i think that everyone needs to take one of these types of vacations, to help clear your mind. 

    ** we met up with one of my best friends rachel, and her husband who live on the other side of florida, they love us so much that they made the three hour drive to us. we love them for that! while we were together we ventured to mayak state park. there we saw some crazy floridan forests and alligators! we love them both so dearly. now if only we didn't live on opposite sides of the country, that would be great! **

   ** one of the best parts of the trip... wearing no socks for a week. the rest of january i was wearing wool socks, with boots. i miss my shoes**

**nothing like those sunsets right?**

other side notes about our trip to siesta key:

i ate ice cream everyday. my two favorite spots- big olafs and kilwins
one day chad and i walked 9 miles!
chad and i never felt so young, hanging around the snow birds for an entire week
i had a tuna steak for the first time, and it was really good!

overall i have to say our trip was lovely. and though we just got back, i am already itching to go somewhere else. isn't that funny how it happens. it is also comical to think how hard it was to adjust back to the cold. we were only gone for 8 days! anyway, its back to the wool socks and sweaters for a few weeks- until i can sneak away to somewhere else ;) happy wednesday!

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