on a thursday in february


today, on this thursday in february i ..

...  tried tricking chad into eating quinoa. i packed it up in his lunch for him and told him it was a pasta salad. he didn't fall for my trick. nor does he have a new acquired taste for quinoa

... woke up at three am, and proceeded to get ready for the day. until i looked down at my phone and realized it was three am. back to bed i went

...have had three cups of coffee at it is only 2:42 p.m. and to be honest there is probably more to come. thats what happens when you have stomach problems/pains for the five days and you have lots of homework to do. and not enough time in the day

... went to my favorite book store, wild rumpus, with the baby girl . i love this place because it is filled with wonderful book and because there is a chicken and kittens running around . it makes me so happy, and i should really go there more often. baby or not.

...  had a dream that i moved to seattle. i have never been to seattle but i wouldn't mind taking a visit there, and i don't think i would mind living there (we are starting to have an itch to move to a new city!)

... noticed how dark my hair is. and realized how much i miss my long, blonde hair (grow back soon?)

... drank my weight in pellegrino

and tonight i..

... get to meet up with some of the best ladies. lately there hasn't been a lot of time for friends (like i have mentioned several times before, stressed,  frequently stomach-pains , sleep deprived graduate student), but tonight i get to see two of my best friends. it is going to be a great treat.

how is your thursday?

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