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hello there! i hope everyone had a lovely weekend relaxing and being with loved ones. we returned home from florida late thursday night and spent the majority of our weekend decompressing from our absence, getting reorganized again, and adjusting back to the cold ;) .  i love going on trips, but there is something that feels comforting being at home and sleeping in your own bed again.

 as sad as this may be, on our little vacation. i really missed good coffee.we didn't have access to a quality coffee shop and the only thing around to drink was weak folgers. so it was a rough 9 mornings for us coffee loving kirseboms. however we made up for our lack of access to coffee on saturday when we decided to make a few chemexs through out the morning. it was so, so good. this also teaches us the importance of bringing our own coffee when we travel. it is rough going so many days with out having a quality cup of coffee. i know. we are addicted.

anyway- this post is short and sweet, basically saying 'we are home, we are well, and we have a lot of catching up to do!' hope that everyone has a happy monday (as happy as they can be) and because mondays can be rough, treat yourself to something delicious today ( i'm choosing chocolate)


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