taking stock // winter


hello! i did this little taking stock "inventory" last fall and thought it would be fun to fill out again. so much changes in each season and it is fun to pause and reflect on these things before it passes by. certainly i am guilty of wanting to move to the next stage of life while forgetting that i am in midst of a beautiful season. so, taking stock part two. please copy and paste if you would like to play along. i love reading everyones answers!

(photo from warby parker event last summer)

taking stock // winter

making: bath time a priority. there is nothing better then to calm someone down then a nice soothing bath

cooking: some delicious soup. this winter i have upgraded my soup making. it is the best lunch! pinterest has been the primary source of inspiration

drinking: lots of champagne these days. my favorite alcoholic beverage of choice.

reading: lots about style. i am constantly inspired by the way the french live, so i have taken up reading on the subject matter. some of my recent reads include all you need to be impossibly french and lesson from madame chic

wanting: peace of mind. and to go to a bookstore and cuddle up with no homework in site.

looking: at madewell's site and wishing i could own everything in the store.

playing: lots of solitaire on my phone, don't start it is addicting.

wasting:lots of limes lately. i like citrus but lately can't finish it all.

sewing: nothing, i can't sew. :(

wishing: that floral bouquets would never die. or that i could have a 24/7 flower service

enjoying: marriage and the crazy adventures it brings

waiting:  for  the day chad and i can buy a beautiful house, so i can have my own little chickens

liking: the tumblr convoy

wondering: when i can wear cute shoes again, and not boots. or wool socks.

loving: the combination of chocolate and peanut butter

hoping: that despite the massive amounts of snowfall, traffic wont be *that bad*

marveling: at how much i love babies.  and how fun it will be to be a mama (but not for another 4-5 years)

smelling: my cinnamon gum. my latest obsession.

needing: sleep, or a fuel pump that would feed energy into my body.

wearing: my classic staples, comfortable sweater, black jeans, and beautiful scarf.

following: the olympics! go usa!

noticing: i'm getting wrinkles...

knowing: i need more jesus

thinking: about the trips we have planned this year

bookmarking: when looking up the books i shared in the reading, i googled french women and this link came up. it caught my attention and continued my adoration for the women of this culture.

opening: magazines. bon appetit and martha stewart living.

giggling: at these two old best friends. i aspire to have a friendship like theirs one day.

feeling: all over the place. i have been very up and down lately, probably due to the stress. things have been making me extra emotional.

come join the fun and play along :)

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