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the photos basically show what my life has consisted of these past few weeks. i haven't been going out as much, nor taking very many photos, hence why things have been quiet around these parts. i think i have to blame it on this very long, cold winter (even by minnesota standards!). if you were to ask me three adjectives about how i have felt the last few months i would say, cold, tired, and frozen! the entire country has been in a cold front for so so long, but it is getting old. i am tired of being cold, i am so tired of the snow and all i want to do is to wear shoes with no socks! i feel like this weather makes me want to do nothing besides eat chocolate and drink coffee ( i know really healthy heather... really healthy). but that is just the way it goes. the end has to be in sight. and i feel so dumb for complaining about the weather so much (and that dang stress that was hanging around me for a while..)last weekend chad and i wanted to go out for dinner to celebrate me finishing some major coursework but we decided not to, because of the cold. suppose its the old soul within us, ha! maybe instead of complaining about it, i should just think about the next few months and the warm sun that is going to be joining us soon. (yeah, a much better idea huh?). at least i have my hot beverages to help warm me up on these bitter cold days. but i am done with the ranting i just had to do one last  one.. granted this weather has allowed me to be extra cuddly with chad, and made me not feel so bad if i wanted to spend the evening tucked away in a corner with a book. i have also been making some wonderfully, delicious, hearty food (that does not photograph well, so that is why they haven't been shared here)  in the bad, there is always some good.

hope everyone else is surviving the winter, spring has to be coming soon!

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