hello 2014!


happy new year! it's 2014! wahoo! we started the new year by hosting a few friends over to play rummy and to sip on whisky. it wasn't the most eventful, but it was relaxing, fun, and time well spent. as the new year start i began to jot down a few little goals of mine. i always think resolutions are fun and can be a great motivating tool especially for a goal setting planner like me. this year my goals/resolutions aren't very complex or life changing. more just little ways to make my life more meaningful. i am trying to do this whole intentional living thing. it is too easy to let things just slid on by! with that.. my 2014 goals

* go to the library more (and don't get as many late fines... oops)

* start more adventures in the kitchen: continue trying new recipes. start researching more food groups, gain a better understanding of where my food is coming from, join a CSA, eat more  vegetables (and try to convince chad to as well ;) ), give more food away, host more friends over for meals, expand my little garden, not waste as much food, make my own vanilla extract, 

* make an epic gluten free cake, and then have people over to eat it

* stop checking my phone as often when around friends, go one day with out using my phone, learn to be content in the moment

* love in all circumstances, be a better wife, sister, daughter, and friend, do a random act of kindness, surprise friends with gifts, be there for more people

* take better care of my skin, aka shower more and increase sunscreen use

* be healthier, try being more active by getting to 10k steps a day, run, run, and run,  eat more veggies (again)

*go on a european country, try new food, and then come home and try and recreate it, take tons of pictures, and actually do something with them.  

*write more, give more hand written cards, utilize cute stationary, call friends that i haven't seen in a while

*splurge on good food, chocolate, and things that make me feel fancy ( face lotions, nice soap, ya know that type of stuff) save on things that are not needed: avoid making dumb last minute purchases, buy only quality clothes, don't always buy into sales (they somehow make me spend a lot of money and gain a lot of unnecessary stuff), chew less gum, buy less stuff. 

* be more intentional with my relationship with the lord, continue to do daily devotions, give more away, be open to serving, give to those in need, pray daily, trust in his timing, pray (yes, again)

as you can see... nothing too epic here, nothing to specific like loose ten pounds or take a photo everyday. but just little things that i hope to do in the next year to be a better me- one that is more in the moment, a better friend, a happier person. i am excited for this year and what is to come. 

do you have any resolutions? what do you have planned for 2014?

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