hello friends! it's been a while. these past few days have been so busy fun that this corner of the internet has been ignored. i hope that your holiday season was great and was spent with good food and family! i have been fully taking advantage of not having classes or work last week. i read quite a few books, spent lots of time with my  family (especially my sisters!) and friends, and had quite a few holiday parties. it has been so great, though i am a little tired because all of this socialization has dramatically reduced my sleep, but not complaining because it has been so great!  the majority of my time has been spent with my sisters laurel and rosie, since laurel is visiting from colorado. we have been shopping, drinking coffee (an obvious thing to do when you are an anderson sister), and just hanging. the other day, minnesota hit a warm front and it was in the 40s. it was so beautiful out that laurel and i went on a long walk downtown. downtown minneapolis is filled with old buildings and beautiful paths. we spent a good few hours just taking it all in. like i always say, minneapolis is one of those little cities that people forget about, but it is gorgeous ( however i do recommend visiting in the summer, winter can be a bit chilly!).

 we were walking around in the golden hour, the sun was so bright! the snow made it even brighter! it really got me to thinking about how beautiful minnesota is. and though i do talk about moving, minneapolis you have a special place in my heart. especially when you have 40 degree days in december!

**the beautiful coloradian** 

as 2013 ends i just want to extend thanks to all of my family and friends who have helped me make it another year. this year has been one of many changes and challenges but i have to thank everyone for all of the support i have received.  2013 has been the craziest year to date for me, i got married to my favorite guy on the planet, started my second year of graduate school  (which left me little time for much else), and began to explore adulthood.  i have grown tremendously and as a result of all of the changes and challenges i feel that i have gained a better understanding of who i am and the different roles i have as wife, sister, daughter, and friend. 

 thank you family, friends, and readers, for being there for me and helping me evolve as a person in this year. i hope that the rest of your 2013 is safe and well, and i cannot wait for 2014!

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