a story of a graduate student and all of her college textbooks


its that time of year again... time to go back to school. this little break of mine was so nice and sweet and to be honest i am not ready to be back in classes. i don't feel like i got all off my to-do list, didn't read as many books as i wanted to, but the time has come and school has begun! in looking for textbooks i always go through the battle with my checkbook. being a newlywed as a graduate student is extremely tough,its time consuming, mentally taxing, and not to mention expensive. to help save the expenses i have used textbook rental companies, such as  Campus Book Rental which i have found to be extremely reasonable for this newlywed on a budget! 

reasons why i love campus book rental

*you can save 40 to 90% off of bookstore prices
* there is free shipping both ways
* can highlight in the textbooks (my personal favorite!!)
* there is very flexible renting periods
* campus book rental donates to the non-profit, operation smile, with each textbook rented

campus book rental also started this new program called, rent back, which allow you to rent out your old text books, (check out HERE and HERE). for some reason i decided to keep the majority of my textbooks from my undergrad degree, and now have a big pile in my office of textbooks i never use. oops. not to mention i keep adding to this pile each semester. chad always is asking me, are you really going to use all of those books? i nod my head yes (but as i write this post i think, am i really, am i really going to re-read those books again?!) i love the idea of this rent back program because it allows you as a student to earn additional income with an item you already have. 

though i may complain about school from time to time (this year has really kicked my butt)  i love it so much. and i truly do love all of my reading assignments because i am nerdy like that. and most of all i am thankful for the opportunity to learn. now if only school was a 9-5 job with no additional hours i would be set. ;)

how do/did you save money while attending school? i would love to hear your tips!

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