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First off, I would like to say hello to all of Heather's lovely readers, I am so thrilled to be guest posting here, on one of my daily reads. Heather and I were talking about what to post about on each other's blogs and since we both enjoy fashion, why not share our most loved items of 2013? So as I look back at 2013, I would have to say it was a fun one and I ended up discovering a lot about my personal style. The five items I am sharing with you are each different in their own way and range from comfy to bold to girly. 

1. These lace up booties pretty much never left my feet this past fall and winter. They are so unbelievably comfortable and look nice with skinny jeans or dresses. I am definitely looking into purchasing another pair (or two) in one of the many other colors Breckelle's offers!
2. If I could define my summer by one staple piece it would be chambray. Once I purchased my first chambray shirt, I quickly purchased two more - I could not get enough! They are very versatile and easy to wear.
3. Geometric prints, I noticed, were very popular and the bold prints helped give my wardrobe the little spice that it needed.
4. Whenever I am in doubt of what to wear for the day, I can always turn to a nice, comfy dress. There is just something so carefree about them that make them so enjoyable to wear. Long sleeve dresses were especially nice during the cooler months of spring and fall.
5. Glitter and sparkle made it's way into my closet this past year with these fabulous sandals, they added the perfect amount of femininity to my outfit and made me feel a little extra girly. Hopefully I didn't wear them out too much because I am looking forward to taking them out for a spin this next summer!
What were some of your favorite pieces for 2013? I am always looking for a hidden gem or two to add to my closet, so please share! 

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Holly enjoys the simple things in life. A delicious cup of hot cocoa, outdoor exploration, a good movie, and the whimsical world of fashion. A graphic designer by trade, she has high hopes of opening her own design studio one day, while in the meantime spending her time freelancing and blogging.


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