if i were to host a christmas party it would look a little like this...


if i were to host a christmas party, it would look a little something like this.

1// there would be lots of pine and garland everywhere you turn. giving the party a beautiful, classic look.

2// the cutest invitations would be ordered from tiny prints that would fit the nights theme

3// there would be  lots and lots of christmas cookies for everyone to share. gingerbread, peanut butter blossoms, thumbprint cookies. the whole bit.

4// a beautiful table arrangement would be made, accompanied with rosemary seating cards

5// there would be lovely seasonal food and cocktails. and because it is winter, lots of pomegranate

6// the food would be lovely. the drinks delicious,  there would be lots of toasts, and the night would end with conversation by the fire

.... frank sinatra's holiday album (who i love), would be playing in the background, lots of candles would be burning, people would stay late. and once again, there would be lots and lots of good food.

what would your perfect holiday party look like? i hope that next year, chad and i will live in a space that will allow us to host one! until then, i will just plan this party in my head ;)

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