spotted: snow!


my super random all over thoughts about the first snow fall of winter 12-13: 

last night we experienced our first dusting of snowfall. i wish i could say i was super excited to see that white stuff falling from the sky. but all i could think about is how it just left... dang mother nature. but hey,  i gotta be positive, so cheers to the snow, after all the cold weather does give an occasion to drink more hot beverages. and i never mind extra espresso ;) i also decided that because the snow has fallen, it is totally acceptable to start blasting the christmas music. despite what chad says , hehe. and more snow means more sweaters right? i keep stealing this lovely sweater from my sister rosie... and i am becoming quite attached to it. cuddly sweaters are the best thing around during the fall and winter months.

have you seen any snow yet... or what are your thoughts on christmas music, too early? or not early enough? :)


  1. I wanted to be excited about the snow too but the fact is I wasn't! I normally love it, I just want mor nice days! I love that you started listening to Christmas music already!:) I am trying to refrain until I get back from Europe, even though I really want too! I just LOVE it! And there is nothing better than cozy sweaters and hot drinks on snowy days!


  2. I'm secretly listening to the christmas music as well! haha No snow here in Michigan yet though! Thank goodness..


  3. Ahh your boots, I love them and want them! Where are they from?!

  4. I'm humming a Christmas song as I type right now! "let it snow, let it snow, let it snoooow"... Except we don't get snow down here in Austin.

  5. Snow? Already? We are living around Chicago and this is my first big winter. I'm originally from Louisiana, so I'm a bit nervous! I'm not sure how to handle a really cold winter like my Husband says this area has! Any tips? Ha! As for the Christmas music- never too early! My indoor Christmas decorations are already up!


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