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life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram 

1// the babe and i, she is a little mover these days and can't sit still at all! gives me a good work out ;) 2// granola, still obsessed. i make it every week and eat the entire 2 cups by myself. plus, it smells amazing as it cooks so its always a pleasant aroma to have in the house 3// i joined my parents last week to go watch my sister rosie's soccer game, since laurel is in denver we decided to facetime her time. it was fun 4// we hung out with this little guy last weekend at his new house, chad and little g were watching trees fall down 5// seriously love nature and all of her beauty. something calming about being surrounded by blues and greens

other things going on lately...

my pumpkin craving is kicking in, haven't purchased a PSL yet however i am thinking i should make some pumpkin ice cream this weekend. yum.

i have been so obsessed with tomatoes lately that i have started dreaming about them. people i need an intervention.

what have you been up to lately? link up with us, and have a happy thursday!


  1. I am with you on the pumpkin cravings kicking in!!! You better get the PSL:)

  2. i haven't had a PSL yet either, since it is in the 90s in PDX this week.... but ice cream, now we're talking.

  3. Sounds like you've been slowly easing out of summer...if I didn't love fall as much, it would be harder to see it go =)

  4. pumpkin ice cream sounds absolutely delicious.
    oh my.

    Also. I don't follow very many blogs, 23 to be exact, and I'm going to be hosting a giveaway sometime next week once my FB page hits 150 likes (it's got 9 to go!), so I wanted to let you know so you could participate since you're one of those. :)

    Hope your day is wonderful!

  5. Yummo on that granola - You should do a blog post with your recipe for it ;)

  6. I have had exactly one PSL and one latte with a pump of pumpkin spice so I wouldn't feel as guilty. I think I need to keep a tally chart of my pumpkin addiction give-in's this year. :)

    Speaking of... please teach me how to make pumpkin ice cream! :)

  7. What lovely pictures! And I second that you should do a recipe of that yummy looking granola :)

  8. Tried linking up for the first time!! (still figuring it out) I need to try your granola recipe asap!!


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