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sunday wear:

her: t-shirt: jcrew chambray: jcrew skirt: h&m shoes: target
him: shirt: tj maxx pants: h&m shoes: clarks

happy monday! i hope everyone had a lovely weekend. we had a great one. friday we had a date night where we played sequence at a coffee shop, saturday we ventured to the farmers market and went to a friends house for a small get together, and sunday was a lazy day of church, tacos, football, and now a little homework. the photos above are of chad and i before church. church has always been an important part of chad and i's life. since the beginning of our relationship we have always made it a priority to go with one another. so almost every sunday, at 9:30am  you will find us there. some days it is sooo hard to get there early. but we leave, feel refreshed and have the rest of our afternoon to relax. we always then make it a priority to eat lunch with one another before moving onto the next part of our day. i like to think of it as a nice way to prepare ourselves for the coming work week. what did you do this weekend? linking up with sami!


  1. Growing up I never went to church. The only time I went was with my grandparents, but very rarely. I always wished it had been part of my childhood.

  2. It's nice you have these traditions with each other :)


  3. This sounds like low-key weekend perfection!!! Fyi, so is that maxi skirt! :)



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