fair day fair day


over labor day weekend chad and i did our annual trip to the minnesota state fair. the minnesota state fair is huge. and is one of our favorite things to do each year. there is tons of people to watch, food to eat, and animals to see. this year my favorite thing i saw was the little alpaca shown above. they were so cute and soft!! i also loved the baby caves i saw. it was a super hot day when we went so we were sure to have lots of snow cones while we were there ;)

anyone else a fair goer? until next year mn fair!


  1. you look straight out of a 50's magazine in that picture and I LOVE ITTTT!

  2. I love fairs! These photos are adorable!

  3. How fun! Your fair looks way cooler then the state fair in Colorado! And you look adorable in your dress and head scarf! :)


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