life lately... a little late


 life lately via chad and i's iphone/instagram 

1// pedal pub for one of our great friends birthday, it was so fun! 2// little girl playing with chalk, we will miss the sidewalk chalk out on the streets once summer ends 3// little girl chatting with all of her friends ;) 4// sister date with rosie! but we miss laurel, who is back in colorado... but no fear rosie and i are going to be visiting soon!  5// chad and i got to have a nice summer date after a busy week of work, it was so great spending quality time with one another 6// izzy's ice cream... a great treat 7// sunsets are beautiful 8// i have been spending some quality time with this little guy lately and i think it is safe to say we are buds. he is the cutest 2 month baby i know!

other things lately....

so i know it is saturday. and i am doing the link up that is suppose to be posted on thursdays. sorry friends if you were waiting to link up with us, i have been a little nuts and completely blanked! please forgive me :) i felt sick nearly the entire week last week with serious stomach pain and headaches. thankfully i am feeling "back to normal" and am so glad!

i have found some awesome inspirational instagram accounts lately, and i have now decided i want to have cool accounts like they do ;) chad is teaching me how to take better photos because i keep telling him "wow they are so cool" good thing i have a creative husband

what have you been up to lately? link up with us now!

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