a few random thoughts: things i've been loving


as much as i love summer, how great is it that fall sundays are back, aka the lazy sunday. i forgot how nice it is to turn on the television, do a little homework, and eat some chips and salsa. i love it.  and as i type away, i can smell the chili that is cooking in the crock pot for dinner. yum.

some other random things that i have been loving lately:

i am finally running and not hurting, hooray! it only toke my knee until september to recover (for the most part) this week was my first week running 12 miles all summer. slightly depressing because last year i was averaging 25-40 miles a week, but i have to take each running season differently and be proud of each season though it may be different from the last.

i started a new class, which i am loving, but is taking up a lot of my time.

candy corn is out again. and i think it is my food of the week... or the month? and it is a big bummer that chad doesn't really like it that much ;)

and i realize that i make granola way too often. and eat it way too often. but i guess it is good to know what you like?

i am getting excited about wearing boots again! i have missed them over the summer months, but defiantly will be missing my saltwater sandals that i have lived in this summer.

what have you been loving lately?


  1. Agreed on the fall Sundays and boots! Fall has always been my favorite :-) Also, love those sandals!

  2. Do you like eating candy corn with peanuts? My entire family is obsessed. Also, great job running. I bet it's hard to come back, but you're so right about being happy with where you are.


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