fall favorites


fall favorites

my fall favorites:

1. comfy swetaers
2. cute colored jeans, i love the olive color this year! and i am also loving mustard. probably because my favorite color is yellow.
3. fun hats, to add a twist to an outfit!i bought a tan one last year and wore it weekly. cannot wait to see if i find another cute one this year
4.nice sturdy handbag.
5. loafers, this season i am looking for a classic black loafer! i have a pair of tan ones and find that loafers are the perfect twist to a cute fall outfit.
6. starbucks, more specifically pumpkin spice lattes. though i can't handle the full pumpkin flavor i love sneaking in a pump of pumpkin spice in a latte here and there. also finally it is the season where i can drink hot tea again!
7.  nars lipstick, need i say more?
8. scarves. always have a scarf or two handy to help bundle up for the fall weather.
9. sunnies. the sun sets earlier and i feel like i need my sunglasses more for my commute to ensure i am not going blind.
10. kinfolk magazine, a great creative magazine that i always like to get a hold of.

now that it is september i can embrace fall. hello most wonderful season of the year. i just hope it stays for a long time here in minnesota! fall is so wonderful because of the crispiness about it- there air is more crisp, the leaves are cruncher. it is such a unique feel to it i looooove it.

a few reasons why i love fall:
** the lazy sundays are back with football always playing in the background. 
** chad and i love to hike in the fall. minnesota becomes covered in colors and we live by several fun hiking paths that we tend to go and explore a few times through out the fall. 
** in fall you are able to layer up some cute clothes and not have to wear a coat while leaving the house
**everything is pumpkin or apple flavored
**bonfires smell better for some reason compared to the summer. i love the smell of burning wood with the crisp air.

what are your fall favorites?


  1. Ah! All the reasons you listed are why I love fall too! Make me so sad to not have that! ENJOY!

  2. I LOVE all your fall favorites!!! You pretty much nailed it all!! Now you got me super excited about it!!! Yay, for fall!! xoxo!!

  3. Love the sweater & starbucks is a must! I get my frappes and iced coffees when its hot out! I am ready for the cool weather so i can sip on my pumpkin spice lattes!

  4. I love fall favorite lists! I concur with everything on your list- and Starbucks PSL must have crack in it or something! -Jess L

  5. NARS lip pencils! Always have a few in my bag just in case!! Love the list.

  6. Yay pumpkin spice! Yay olive and mustard colors! Yay sweaters! Yay you! :)


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