fit report: i want a backyard garden

7.08.2013 is the day i am suppose to share my weekly fit report.

but i have to say... this past week was not a very fit week. and though it may not all attribute to one thing, i am going to blame the holiday weekend!

but that is life, there are times in your life where you must feast and fast. and this past weekend was a feasting weekend. not to say that i didn't make healthy choices, or that i didn't work out at all. but it was a weekend where i had second helpings of ice cream and did not hold back :)  but i still do have four "fit" things to share!

the first: i did get a few runs in last week(two). so it is better then nothing but, that is alright. embrace it and move on!

the second is i read wheat belly over the weekend which basically explained how the obesity crisis in the united states is closely linked to the annual increase of wheat and flour in the american diet. this book points out that through out the years wheat and flour have slowly been added into every product (mostly processed products), and as the united states became more dependent on these products, the obesity crisis continued to clime. a bit biased but it was still a good read and highly recommend it to anyone who does not know a lot about wheat based products and the associated risks with them.

the third is that i am gluten intolerant. this has been going on for a few months but i haven't shared this on the blog. after years of headaches and stomaches, fatigue and odd bowl movements, i have found the culprit! gluten. it has been a sad process with not being able to eat cookies and cupcakes. but i have found that i am feeling ten time better then i did a few months ago. now it is just a learning process of what does digest or does not digest well.

the fourth and final thing: i have been become obsessed with my dream garden. all i think about is how i am going to turn the entire backyard into a beautiful garden filled with flowers and veggies. i just love love love having the small garden that i have right now. its so great to walk out your back door and pick some fresh herbs to use for dinner. chad and i don't live in a place where we would be able to maintain a backyard garden but i am thinking that next year i may rent a plot within the local community so i can expand my gardening efforts!

so, how was your fit week? did you get any moving in the holiday weekend?


  1. My weekend was pretty un-fit also. And then I didn't wake up early enough to work out this morning. Dun dun dunnn. Tomorrow will be a better day. =] And we finally got a few flowers around the house and yard. If we weren't renting I'd definitely put a ton more effort (and money!) into the yard. Have a great week!

  2. My SIL just recently found out that she is allergic to gluten too! It def makes it a little more difficult! Luckily, there are becoming a lot more gluten free things!

  3. I have always loved having fresh anything! My parent's had a garden for a long time, with 4/5 different kinds of peppers, squash, tomatoes, and other yummy veggies. My dream is to have all of that + herbs and flowers galore!

  4. I wish we could have a garden! Luckily, my parents have a huge garden back home, so we get to share a lot of the fruits and veggies they grow! I love fresh things from the garden, so delicious!

  5. man, i was just at a friend's place the other day and they have transformed their backyard into an awesome garden. They even have chicken! I am so jealous. Happy to hear you have figured out the culprit behind your health problems even if it means cutting out a lot of items!

  6. I live in a city with a tiny slab of a backyard, but recently added a homemade garden and I'm obsessed! I can't wait for the veggies to grow! Mint and basil are also amazing to have on hand :) Happy Monday, girl!

  7. i got in a couple good runs this week too and then the weekend ruined my thunder haha oh well time to get back on track!

  8. Wheat Belly is amazing. Totally reminds me of the movie Food Inc. I'm sure you've seen it since you're into all things health but if you haven't its a must!

  9. Oh man, you poor thing! I can't imagine being allergic to gluten, but from what I hear there are some great alternatives to baked goods that hopefully you can enjoy instead! I'm glad you're feeling a lot better though since your change in diet! I may look into that book that you mentioned! You have some beautiful flowers growing!


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