freedom lakeside


well i hope everyone had a lovely time celebrating independence day! chad and packed up our bags and headed north to his family's cabin. it is a beautiful place in northern minnesota. we have created some wonderful memories, including when he proposed last memorial day weekend! we have been itching to get up there but because of work we hadn't gotten a full weekend up yet. thank goodness for extended holiday weekends because our little trip up north was exactly what we needed! 
**the kirseboms on the 4th (not going to lie, i have worn that red stripped tank for three 4th of julys in a row... next year i need to find a new patriotic outfit ;) )**
 ** coffee lakeside + fishing, it doesn't get better then that**
 **lacey attack**
 while we were up there we got some skiing in. i am still a fairly new skier but love any chance i get to get out on the water. chad is a whole lot better at it then i am, bu i am going to say that is because he's a guy, and the fact that i am still a newbie ;)
 we ended the night with watching some fireworks off the dock. it was so beautiful to see the collection of fireworks going off by the lake front. the only bummer was that attack of bug that bit up my legs. i am not kidding when i say i have 15 bug bites in a 6 inch radis. they were awful, but they aren't going to get me down, not on my favorite holiday! ;) i hope everyone had a great holiday weekend with family and friends. and once again, happy birthday america, land of the free!


  1. I love that tank top! I would wear it every year too :)
    This post if fun! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Looove the pictures! SO pretty, peaceful, & FUN!

  3. When a shirt is's good! Looks like a fun time :)

  4. why fix what isn't broken! that shirt is too cute. i say rock it every year!

  5. Great Pictures! Even better memories.

  6. Sounds like a fantastic fourth! I love going to the lake so much. I've tried skiing but still haven't quite got the hang of it!

  7. Love the tank top! That last picture of you and your man, too cute!

  8. looks like an absolute blast and you two are just so precious in that last photo!

  9. So fun! Random question but is that your chemex coffee maker? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I am thinking about adding it to my birthday list.


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