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life lately via chad and heather's iphone/instafeed 

1// we had our first bbq of the year. it  was so nice to grill out and relax with friends outdoors
 2// his and her's shoes.3// loving these sunny days, and as always, gotta rock the big sunnies  4// babysat this little guy last weekend 5// i love when there are flowers outside of shops, it makes me so happy! 6// the little girl and i have been making lots of trips around the lakes, enjoying this beautiful weather! 7// the little girl and i window shopping 8// fresh flowers again. i cannot get enough! 9//  
 amazing coffee spot in st.paul in highland park neighborhood. i should really come here more often

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  1. gosh, it makes me want a pug. real bad. or just any puppy would work actually.

  2. I have never gone to that coffee shop. Which is pretty ridiculous considering how often I'm in the highland area!! Haven't you been loving this warm weather we've been having?! And even though today is rainy and grey, at least it will help everything turn green even faster!!

  3. great photos! that pup is too cute and i'm loving that everything is more spring-y with all of the flowers out too.

  4. Little coffee shops are my absolute favorite!

  5. i adore those lights in your backyard! i can't wait to start bbqing here! it's like instant summer!


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