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if you had to ask me what some of my favorite things to do are, one of the top five would be museums. i love them. lucky minneapolis is filled with awesome museums that i am able to venture to. 

with nannying i have found that museums are a great educational tool for children. when you bring children to a museum they are exposed to new discoveries and encourages their exploration, not to mention is a great way to get out of the house and expose them to new things and people. 

so because of my love of museums i always bring my little nanny baby to new ones. the other day we went to the walker, a modern art museum located in minneapolis.

**she loved walking around seeing all of the bright colors! **


**checking out all of the exhibits**

we ended our little trip to the museum by moving outdoors to the sculpture garden and doing some walking around the neighborhood.

** i love colored accents on buildings, especially doors! **

and it was a successful little day trip. the little girl loved seeing everything and got so excited in certain exhibits. it is crazy to think that even as little people we get excited when we see new things that we are attracted to. i just loved it! 

what types of things do you like to do in your spare time? are you a museum junkie like me ;)?

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  1. I just love museums too. We have a fabulous art one here in Nashville that always has different exhibits. My favorite one so far was the fairytale exhibit.

  2. I was at the museum this weekend too! The Museum of Natural History, so a little different, but I love art museums too! It really is a wonderful way to spend the day ( :

  3. I love museums too! Looks like you had a great weekend. I've been to Minneapolis once before but I would love to go again!

  4. Museums are definitely one of my favourite places to go on a rainy day! :)

  5. Every time I'm in NYC I always hit the museums. MoMA is at the top of my list.

  6. She's so cute! It's great that she was able to enjoy them. I tried to take my brother (who is 15 years younger than me) to a museum once when he was younger and he was unamused. He's like me in that sense that he's very hands on and wants to be able to interact with everything. Maybe I'll try again now that he's older. :)

  7. I love the walker! Have you ever taken her to the Children's Museum in Saint Paul??
    That place is heaven on earth for kids. I used to nanny and I would take my kids there ALL the time. They loved it.

  8. fun! i would love to go to more museums - always so fun. love that cherry sculpture!

  9. Just found your blog, and I think it is wonderful!
    That baby is just adorable! I love museums too. My boyfriend is not as into them as I am, but he puts up with them for me. That museum looks like a lot of fun


  10. I love all the museums in the Twin Cities...the MIA is my favorite...I can get lost in there for hours =)

  11. i miss being a nanny. you're going to make a great mommy :)


  12. I've been to that outdoor sculpture garden about 5 years ago. :) I love Minneapolis and would love to return someday! I found your blog Via Laurie at Brotherton's...I'm so glad I did. You've got the cutest blog, and your photography is amazing. :) Keep up the good work!

    -Amanda|Living in Another Language


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