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well friends. it is that day where im doing a fit report.
this week was an awesome week for working out. the weather is BEAUTIFUL so i have been running outside, and my energy is back. i haven't felt really motivated to work out recently but with the change of the new weather, i remember the real thing, i LOVE running.

so with that the fit report:

monday: stair stepper, lift at the gym
wednesday: 3.5 mile run
saturday: 5.5 mile run

and i am trying something new!

 i am partnering up with revolt fitness for a six week challenge! revolt fitness is an exercise/eating program that allows you to do all of the work from your home. the program is designed for individuals who are needing that extra bit of confidence to get a jump start in reaching their fitness goals. with the partnership i am going to be posting weekly of my process, an explanation of some of the exercises we did, and sharing some of my favorite meals. i am hoping to work and evaluate how the program works for busy individuals. so, if you are interested go check out revolt fitness, lets do this six week challenge together.

how was your fitness this week? did you get in any runs?

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  1. Girl, I am trying to get my running groove back and it's a challenge! I wish our weather had been nice this past week so I could get out and run more but we've had basically freezing temps lately. I can't wait to start running outside again though! Good luck with your challenge, can't wait to see how it turns out for you!


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