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so i kinda stopped doing the weekly fit reports. i don't know if people really enjoyed those or not, so i kinda stopped doing them. but as i was sitting here doing some reading and catching up on life i decided i wanted to do one, just to kinda get things together, and maybe get someone else excited about their fit report from the week.

so! this week was the first week back at the gym. and it was awesome. you know some weeks you have those days at the gym where you don't really feel like you even did anything. but this week was so great. i must have really been excited to get back because i just loved it. i didn't go very often, but each time i went i left feeling so so good. 

tuesday: 3 mile run
thursday: 3 mile run, 30 minute stair stepper, strength training
saturday: zumba class w/ rosie, 10 minute stair stepper

luckily i have started to shed some of those pounds i gained from the cruise ;) (the cruise had awesome food and unlimited deserts... you all know thats was my weakness!)

my second little fit report was a fit read, french women don't get fat. this is one of my favorite books and truly shaped the way i look at food.
the book basically talks about eating slowly, enjoying your food, and eating non-processed foods. i highly recommend this book if you don't have your own "food philosophy". it really guided me in why i eat the way i do, and the method i go about doing it. 

another little fit report i have is i am about to register for my marathon. i just can't get enough power to actually submit it. i don't know why, but i am just all nervous about it and i cannot get the will power to say YES i am going to do this for sure. the website is currently up in my browser. and i am just looking at it.  but i will get there, maybe in a day or two ;). 

and the final fit report of the week. i am back at making home made yogurt! my favorite, yay!

so tell me, what do we think about these fit reports, do we make a come back? 
and how did you stay fit this week?


  1. I wish I liked to run!

    Thanks for posting about that book. It's actually sounds very interesting. I think I'll order it.

  2. I'm glad to hear the yogurt maker is back in action :)

  3. I get nervous about registering for big races too! I think I'm concerned that what if training doesn't go as well as planned and I paid all this money to race, or what if something happens before the race and I end up not being able to race, just makes me nervous!! But that's what I have to do to get my butt in gear, so I encourage you to register! :)


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