bundled in for the weekend



1// laughing (moments with sisters are the best) 2// my awesome gloves ;) 3// more smiling 4// laurel 5// my beautiful sister 6// cupcakes from sweets 7// my favorite combination cappuccino and cup cake 8// laurel & cupcake

well, here are a few snapshots of my very very random weekend. first off, how is it that the weekend is over? 
and how is it that i still feel like i need like 4 more days to this weekend?!
this weekend was a good one. a simple, relaxing, mostly staying in weekend, but it was exactly what i needed.

i wanted to be really creative this year and make all of my friends handmade valentine day cards.... but that just seemed to slip away from me and here i am with no valentine day cards made. i also failed to get my valentine day decor out. i am blaming the honeymoon, it screwed all my days up! i suppose next year  chad and i will really have to get our valentine decor and diy making up to par!

but i did do something that was as little more valentine-ish. i made red velvet cookies. they turned out so great. and i feel happy looking at them because they look like cupid himself made them ;) 

and because i didn't have enough sweets in my life, laurel and i headed down to st paul for coffee and cupcakes. the best combination if you ask me (but that is just my sweet tooth talking)

the rest of the weekend flew by, as i cleaned up the house, re-figured out fiances and did taxes. we wrote thank you cards, drank espresso from our new espresso machine, and went to church. this weekend may seem a little trivial , a little uneventful but i still enjoyed it. i think it all about finding joy in all circumstances! and this weekend really allowed me  to regain control of my life, figure everything out,  as  we know it has been beyond crazy the last two months. 

but hope everyone had a great weekend! did you do anything fun?

linking up with sami for the weekend gossip.


  1. Looks like a cozy and delicious weekend! By your stats, I did not eat or make nearly enough cupcakes this weekend!

  2. yay! I am so glad you are back and getting into the swing of life after the honeymoon! Excited to hear about all your adventures! :)

    1. ah i know!! finally! slowly getting back into things. it is so hard though! (lucky for you your in the south and there isn't freezing cold outside ;) )

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Those cupcakes look amazing!

  4. I'm a new follower to your blog. I love it!..and those gloves are awesome. LOL!

    1. thanks for following! i found those gloves about 5 years ago, still can't stop laughing at them!

  5. You're the cutest little bundled up thing I have ever seen! I am obsessed with your gloves!

  6. All I want now is cupcakes thank you very much. :)

  7. Those mittens are adorable!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I follow you, too! I'm eyeballin' those cupcakes!!

  8. Ah too cute! Looks like you had a great weekend! Thanks for linking up with us :)


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