drink coffee sleep later


and it is now my favorite day of the week... friday. well i lied, saturdays are my absolute favorite day of the week, but fridays are pretty good. so i am just going to be going with it.

doing my favorite weekly link up, friday letters!

dear blogging friends, and friends in real life thank you so much for all of the prayers and thoughts as i am in transition of job searching. it really means a lot to have all of you support, and i couldn't make it through with out you! dear HIIT class, you kicked my butt yesterday. i cannot feel my entire backside. dear snow you are bacccck, of course. you sure are pretty but i would not object if you left soon. i want to wear non-bulky clothes again. dear beautiful tropical photo shown above you make me happy in so many ways, reminding me the end is in sight, and to drink more coffee. of course i need to drink more coffee ;) hence why i continued to put more pretty tropical photos down below. dear sleep i never spend enough time with you... but it is so hard when there is coffee around ;) dear trader joes cant wait to make it to our little date today! going to go stock up on all of the goodies, and make some more snacks for the weekend!

are you doing anything exciting this weekend? i really hope to do some meal planning and finish my presentation for school. 



  1. haha you sound like my husband when you talk about coffee. he drinks it all the time.

    have a great weekend!!!

  2. Oh that picture makes me want to go to the beach... I imagine it's near a beach somewhere. The winter is killing my soul lately! Ugh!

  3. Thank you for following - I am following you back :) The snow is threatening to make a return here aswell, I just want Spring to arrive and stay and am also dreaming of summer clothes! Have a good weekend x

  4. Stopping by from the link up! Trying to enjoy the leggings and overly large sweater weather while I can, but some beach weather would be nice! =) have a good weekend!

  5. Oh, my I am so glad we don't have snow here! And to think here I am complaining about the 60 degree whether (which is freezing to us Floridians). lol


  6. Coffee does not have that effect on me... I wish it did though :)

  7. i love that pic. i need to go on a tropical vacation asap!
    Helene in Between

  8. Thanks so much for becoming a follower, Heather! I was trying to publish your comment on my phone and accidentally hit delete. *face palm* Have a great weekend! Love your blog!

  9. Haha my fiance says that coffee is his elixir of life.

  10. Good Luck and extra prayers on your job search, those pictures are beautiful and make me want Summer to come that much quicker! I don't drink coffee but I love Starbucks Frapps and they wire you lol! I love your blog super cute!
    Hope you have a great weekend. We plan to have a very relaxing low key one, we shall see lol

  11. good luck on the job search! i hope you find something wonderful : ) and i feel you on the coffee, i feel like a new person after my first cup in the morning : )


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