reading...  brava, valetine i just started this book and am not quite sure how i feel yet. it is a romance novel/travel book so it totally something that i would love but we will have to see.

writing... i am finishing up my final paper for my class, and lots of thank you cards from the wedding. thankfully we are almost done!

listening to frank sinatra pandora radio station. i have been obsessed lately and cannot get enough. 

smelling my favorite candle from anthro, its called volcano. it is amazzzzing

wishing i was done with school. i never had to say that in undergrad but school has been really challenging lately. not necessarily the coursework but just the whole balancing act of it. i am done doing homework. i have been bursting with new ideas and just want to be able to move on and be in my career. 

hoping that spring makes it around soon! i want fresh flowers, long bike rides and sunlight!

wearing comfy sunday clothes. it was cleaning day so i am wearing leggings, a baseball t, and a sweater. we can't be cute everyday ;) and not to be a complete nerd... but i may or may not be walking on the tredmil in my clothes as we speak.. 

loving the new house plants chad and i bought today. i always love a little green so we bought some house plants to decorate our little space with! and the fun little notebooks i picked up at target. i always love a little gold touch.

wanting more time. as always. i want to create more, learn more, read more, cook more. if only i had all of the time in the world to do all of this "more"

feeling all of the new fashion trends, and lipstick. i have become a little lipstick junkie  i was always so hesitant before but now finally feel like i can pull it off.  

clicking wit and delights blog. i just found it recently and am a little obsessed.


  1. I love Frank too. It's definitely better than some of the other music people listen to know! Now I sound old, haha.

  2. I adore house plants! My ability to keep them alive is another matter, but seriously, they're like a little dose of sunshine! I know what you mean about wanting more time as well. :) Have an awesome week!

  3. love me some good ole frank! perfect listening music for working (or school ;0 )

  4. hey girl - so glad to have you linking up for the first time this week! :)

    my wedding was back in october, & i still remember the task of writing all the thank you notes vividly. is it weird that i enjoyed it? i actually wrote all of them, so my husband was off the hook - i think that made him pretty happy.

    i get in the mood for sinatra quite often, & i love listening to him on pandora. his voice is so soothing.

    good luck with school! i hope you have a great week.

  5. I love plants or flowers in the just adds a little life a where you need it =)

    And I know what you mean about the lipstick...sometimes it just the pop of color you need to brighten your day!!

  6. That book sounds interesting... Let me know how it is! And I've never listened to the frank Sinatra Pandora station... But I could so go for some soothing music at work.

  7. I've heard about this volcano candle...I'm just not ready to dish out the money for one. You've got me interested in Brava, Valentine even though I'm not remotely interested in love stories...


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