tuesday morning inspiration


life is crazy.
life is good.
i am getting married in 11 days... eek! i am trying not to freak out so i am really taking time for me, to de-stress and enjoy these last few days of "singleness"
so i will be trying to be posting little updates but this blog may not be as busy as it normally is. 

but i am going to leave todays post short and show some things that have inspired me this morning. my sisters and i were planning on getting up early to go get coffee.. and you know how those early mornings hit and then, it doesn't happen. so- we rescheduled for tonight :)

tuesday morning inspiration:
dine and dish's thoughts about simplify in 2013
"miss" james challenge to bake a cake every sunday - looks delicious! 
sweet remedy's recipe for a replacement for maple syrup, would be a great idea w/ c & i's frequent brunch eating! 
love the bookspace from little green notebook. i hope i can have a comfy home like this, filled with books!
young married chic does an excellent post of how to keep your fitness resolutions

PS i did a guest post for 3-Oh-1 Grace St. today! go check it out!


  1. Great links! Congrats on your wedding - enjoy every minute of it!

  2. loved the guest post, thanks! and enjoy the next 11 days!

    1. awesome!! thanks for stopping by to say hello too!

  3. your blog is just phenomenal. I am so excited to have joined. I can't wait to see your future posts!!

    I hope you join my blog to o :)


    1. why thank yo! you are so sweet!! I am excited to have you join on the journey and I will be making a visit on your blog as well :)


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