winter needs


winter needs

so if you haven't ever heard, minnesota can be very cold. very very cold. meaning we all know how to dress in many layers to help  keep warm and comfy! i thought i would share some of my favorite winter wear products/must haves to keep warm this winter. most of these items (or items like these) got me through awful cold winters, that i had to walk to work.lucky this year the weather has not been too bad ( it was 60 the other day, something that is unheard of in decemember!) but i know that snow is going to be coming down any day now.


1 & 2 - hats, you need hats and lots of them! if looking for a great deal on a hat check out carhartts basic knit hat, only $8!
3- wool socks, i live by these, they make such a difference! 
4- sorel boots, though they might not be the best looking things (but boy have they came a long ways!) they are the most practical winter boot out there
5- parka coat. last year was the first year i owned a parka coat, and i loved it. highly recommend purchasing one, especially if you live in a colder climate
6- big chunky scarves- i just purchased this scarf at target the other day and i am very excited to use it. scarves are awesome because not only are they a great fashion accessory but they keep you so warm! two for one deal.
7- mittens, this one is self explanatory, mittens are great and a must have in the cold. unless you want chapped hands 24/7  :)

some of my other favorite items that i don't have listed are long underwear, fleece jackets, and my faithful hunter boots with the fleece inserts. 

what are your winter needs? do you live somewhere cold?


  1. I need all of these things! This is our first winter in Illinois and it hasn't been too bad...YET. I definitely need to go buy a good winter jacket.

  2. hi! i just stumbled upon your blog- so cute! :) i absolutely LOVE my sorel boots in the winter. omg, they keep my feet so toasty warm! :)


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