twenty things that i am thankful for



quick little post on the things i am thankful for as a part of my challenge for the "elf for health":

my family, an obvious one but seriously what would i do with out my family. be very lonely and bored because i had no one to go on adventurous with.

the snowy winters, though they may cause major traffic, it is a beautiful thing

my friends, especially those i haven't seen or talked to lately because i have no life with planning the wedding and school, thank you all for being there for me

for chadly, and how he always seems to love me though i don't always deserve it

coffee, and when i drink yummy hand crafted chemex coffee. yum.

espresso. good quality espresso makes for a great beverage. thank you for quality coffee shops, such as kopplins and spyhouse for providing this deliciousness.

a car, that may not be the nicest thing but gets me from point at to point b.

the ability to move, and be active

cook books, and how much i love to read them and find new recipes

books, because i can't go a day with out reading. (anyone have any recommendations? i am always looking for new reads!)

my new fiesta wear dishes, that will make my kitchen nice and colorful!

nordstrom, the best all in one shopping place. with high quality items. and the rack is amazing too.

old school music, like frank sinatra, i feel like a lady when i listen to it

my church, where i feel surrounded and supported, where i gain wisdom and understanding of god's grace.

trees, and the oxygen and beauty that all of the trees provide

hunter boots, they keep your feet warm and toasty during the wet season (which is 6 months in minnesota!)

the kids that i watch, and all of the joy that they bring me. and their understanding of love.

for education and the easy access we have to in the united states.

for all of the beauty that surrounds us daily, and acknowledging that beauty is held through the little things in life. 

what are you thankful for?


  1. I agree with the snowy winters! They're a pain in the behind, but they're gorgeous and I miss them every year!

    1. yes! the snow is soo beautiful! makes you always want to drink hot chocolate :)


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