end of year review



so i never was really into making resolutions
until last year when i made "smart" goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound).
by following the smart format i was actually able to keep my new year resolutions (well most of them)

2012 goals:
be more fit- exercise 3/4 times a week
run a 10k & a half marathon
loose ten pounds
drink more water
read cs lewis/bible

the result:

-be more fit-
i actually did exercise 3-4/week every week of the year expect for maybe two. i finally got the habit of exericing into my life. i feel so much better. it is now something that i look forward to and is a major part of my life. i can't imagine not exercising anymore and i want to encourage everyone that it is do-able! it is all about making it a habit. and once it becomes a habit- it is something you truly enjoy.

-run a 10k & a half marathon-
this is the resolution that truly amazes me. i am a runner. previous to 2012, i had never ran more then three miles. three miles. and that was a long run, but one year later i have not only ran a 10k and a half marathon but i ran two half marathons, and loved it! 
once again, making smart specific goals really enables you to accomplish greater things then you could imagine. 

-loose ten pounds-
this was more the motivation of why i wanted to work out.... and though i may not have lost ten pounds, i lost eight. and i feel pretty dang good. i hope that i continue with my fit goals and keep on getting healhier and leaner, because i know i am able to. have to say that cupcakes will always be in the diet :)

-drink more water-
my water consumption has majorly increased. i drink at least ten glasses a day. and am always craving it. 

-read cs lewis and the bible-
this sadly is the area that i feel like i could have put more effort into. i did read several of cs lewis's books, which are amazing. highly recommend screwtape letters. my devotional life got better, but it still not great. i want to keep working on this and hopefully work to making reading the bible a daily habit. 

overall i cannot believe the progress i have made over this last year. i am excited for the future as i continue to set more goals and work my way to a healthier lifestyle.

did you make any resolutions this past year? how did you do?


  1. I love these pictures! I've said it before, but you are such an encouragement to me in the area of fitness! I am seriously amazed that you went a whole year consistently being active. And we both know that weight is only a number and the most important part is that we feel healthy and happy inside and out :). You are such a sweet girl, I'm so glad I have gotten to know you better over the last few months!

    1. ah you are SO sweet! It is so encouraging to hear the nice things and it just helps motivate me once again! I am so blessed to start getting to know you.It is been a great adventure!

  2. So proud of you! You are my inspiration for this coming year--for real.

    1. ah thanks! that is so sweet! and just know that you can do it... though you might not feel like it, you can!!

  3. Congrats on your health goals! And I can relate to the reading more of the bible and devotions. I always try to do better, and I somewhat do, but never as much as I want to.

    1. yeah it is such a discipline. I hope that I can keep working at it and eventually make it a lifelong habit. IT is hard though! Hopefully we can encourage eachother through out this next year :)

  4. Way to go! Such an inspirational post! x



    1. you are so sweet! Thanks, your comment means a lot :)


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