last weekend my sisters were in town. it was great. we went to the apple orchard (photos to come soon, i hope, along with 231 other posts that i want to share), celebrated my sisters recent engagement, and....celebrated me finishing up graduate school! all around a big whoo-hoo weekend. lots of family time, and lets to celebrate. 

however. once they left, i realized something.

i have felt off beat for several months now and i realize now that  the reason why i have been in a funk and feeling so off lately is... because they aren't around.  my yin to my yang, the cream to my coffee. the sweetness.  i no longer have my best friends to call at any instant and say, hey, let's go to the mall, want to get your nails done? want to go walk around the lake? it is so sad. yes, i do have that great husband of mine. but, there is nothing that compares to girl time, especially when that girl time is with sisters. it is not the same. so i am coping okay over here, you know being the only one left in this great state of minnesota. well, the great state of minnesota that is only kind of great because the sisters are no longer here. and winter is coming soon. and that is all around kind of depressing. but let's not get ahead of our selves yet...

because chad and i are leaving on our super duper fun road trip tuesday evening. we're venturing out west! and sleeping in the back of chad's truck! (read more here)

but we are pretty ecstatic about it. it is one of those trips were we are living on the edge, not planning a whole lot, and hoping that is all works out. i mean, we're young enough right? it is no fun to plan out every last detail. so we are not. we are packing some tupperware bins for clothes and food and hitting the road. i cannot wait. this trip is the first trip of me basically being a fully graduated master degree student. yes, those two years spent working and reading a million different papers and research studies and venting on this little space, has almost come to an end. all of those long days and early mornings, filled with coffee and tears, is done. i am hoping that it is going to "hit me" soon. i still feel slightly crazy like most graduate students do. but, the other day chad say, hey you seem like your normal self again, and i thought, i do! i finally feel sane! finally! it is paying off. and we get to kick out the feeling of freedom with a cross country camping and hiking adventure. i would say that is a great way to celebrate.

not to drastically change the subject but, i recently was sent these new specs from firmoo and am slightly obsessed. they are going to be great on our trip because we will be spending lots of time in the car and in that time in the car i will be reading lots of fun books, not related to school. with cute glasses. so even if i have not showered in a few days.. i got the glasses to cover those eyes and help me feel cute. go check out their site because right now you can get your first pair free! yes! free! just pay for shipping. :)

back to what i was saying about our trip...if you are wanting to follow along on our adventure our west, we will be posting some photos and tweets  @heathermariebee & @ckirsebom, #LifeInTheRange (we are taking chad's ford ranger truck, aka, the truck/newly created camper)

wish us luck! 

outfit details: shirt// target skirt// madwell  shoes// nordstrom glasses c/ o // firmoo 

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